Mashingaidze stays: Chiyangwa

Fungai Muderere
ZIFA chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze whose five-year tenure is set to come to an end in early April, has received the backing of the national associationa��s president Philip Chiyangwa who said the former was not going anywhere.

It had remained unclear whether the new Zifa board was going to extend Mashingaidzea��s contract or not.

a�?I could not come into office and start to shoot down some people. As long as I am still there Mashingaidze will not go anywhere. He will remain as the Zifa chief executive officer. Currently, our business at Zifa is to make sure that the association becomes solvent. It has not been easy at Zifa. I have been thinking hard and fast. I took office when there were some debts. However, I have enjoyed being on that hot seat,a�? said Chiyangwa.

In terms of the Zifa constitution, the executive committee, at the recommendation of the president, is responsible for the appointment of the associationa��s chief executive officer.

Mashingaidze, who took over from Henrietta Rushwaya, has been at the helm of Zifaa��s secretariat since 2011 after being brought on board by the associationa��s ex-boss Cuthbert Dube and his executive.

Rushwaya was fired by Dube following her alleged involvement in the infamous Asiagate scandal that rocked the nation for a couple of years.

Mashingaidze was blamed for everything that went wrong during the Dube reign as Zifa president and soon after the voting of Chiyangwa into office the rumour was that the flamboyant Harare businessman was going to show the former the exit.

Few people, if any, have forgiven Mashingaidze for the too many blunders he allegedly made and for misleading the nation on the true status of Zifaa��s case with Brazilian coach Valinhos which is in Fifaa��s hands.

Some claim that Mashingaidze was part of all decisions that Dube made and crafted all election manifestos that not only brought Dube to power in 2010, but also gave him an extra four years to run Zimbabwe football. amoxicillin online viagra.