Mary Ja��s husband is not allowed female friends

Mary J Blige has revealed she and her husband Kendu Isaacs have an agreement where neither of them are allowed to have friends of the opposite sex.

Blige has been married to her manager Kendu Isaacs since 2003, and they have a pact where they agree not to have pals of the opposite sex as she doesna��t believe it can a�?worka��a�� in a marriage.

In an interview with Stella magazine, she revealed: a�?All females for me, all guys for him. Therea��s none of that, a�?Oh, thata��s my female friend Oh, thata��s my guy friend.a�� No, not in a marriage, Ia��ve never seen that work.a��a��

Blige is stepmother to Isaaca��s children, Briana, 18, Jordan, 16, and Nas, 15, from a previous relationship and although she has never had a child of her own with Isaac she considers his a�?special kidsa��a�� as her own children.

The 43-year-old singer said: a�?I was never sitting around think, a�?Oh God, I want a baby. No.a�� And then these very special kids came along and it was like they were tailor made for me to be their stepmom.

a�?Ia��ve known the younger two since they were babies, so they really are my family. Being a single person and an artiste, therea��s a lot of selfishness that you dona��t even know you have. Being a wife, ita��s not all about me.a��a�� best cialis resource in us.