Marriage turning out to be a controversial issue

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NOWADAYS marriage has become a controversial issue with a few good things to talk about it as most people just do it for “fashion” and within a short space of time cut ties with the partner. Some people now refer to getting married as a jail sentence, really?
Of course we cannot run away from the fact that for some it has been hectic while others are enjoying the benefits.

There has been rampant news about death of women which resulted from domestic violence making the young ones to believe that getting married is a death sentence, but it is not.

Who would blame a bachelor or spinster who has heard of such stories when they develop cold feet towards marriage? The impression created in their minds is that marriage is bad.

Then the aged ones would wonder what has gone wrong with the marriage institution? We hear “during our time, it wasn’t like this’’.

As women, know that there are interesting benefits found in marriage. It’s not always about sad stories and events.

Research also has it that there are several positive benefits of being married.

One research indicates that it’s good for more than just the heart while another says your relationship is linked to your bone health too.

Another study indicates that happily married couples are more likely to enjoy better mental and physical health than their not-so-happy counterparts.

Another interesting study reported that tying the knot ‘‘lowers your risk of becoming alcoholic’’. In a happy marriage there are many other activities besides going for beer binge all the time.

You come to have someone who expects to spend quality time with you and have fun activities with sex being on top of the list.

According to scientists, marriage protects against alcoholism as it lowers the risk by 59 percent in men and 79 percent in women.

However, married people are at risk of an addiction to booze if one partner already has a history of alcoholism or cheating is involved.

Another study also reported that the death rate among unmarried persons is higher with the difference markedly more noticeable among single men.

Marriage could be beneficial if it’s blissful, functional, supportive of family relationship and not a dysfunctional one where there is quarrel, fighting and malice.

Some of the health benefits include long life.

It has been continuously shown that by jumping the broom you are effectively adding a couple of extra years to your life and in some instances, up to ten.

Married couples are considerably less likely to engage in risky behaviour.

After marriage, you are not only thinking of yourself, but there is you partner and children whom you think of every minute.

So the propensity for indulging in dangerous pursuits drops significantly after tying the knot.

Getting hitched can drastically reduce the chances of becoming overly stressed or depressed.

It has always been said that two are better that one.

When you have that special person in your life whom you can count on, it comes as a relief to have that person always ready to offer a shoulder to lean on.

If your marriage is a happy one, you sleep better than your dissatisfied or single counterparts. Marriage can be good for your sleep if it’s a happy one.

Not to be left out of the list is good sex. When you have legal sex, you really enjoy as you will have dealt with some fears which comes with it.

The mind relaxes and you enjoy the benefits of marriage without fear.

These health benefits of course do not exclude the fact that marriage is full of financial, emotional, social and psychological support, love and understanding which can be described as characteristics of a healthy marriage.

An unhappy marriage is one that is full of crisis and stress and there are problems that come along with it or could aggravate problems like depression, greater incidence of high blood pressure, substance/ drug abuse, stress and in some instances spousal abuse and in extreme/ worst cases, death.

The bad things can happen, but it is no excuse for not taking your relationship to the next level.

The important thing is tying the knot with someone you love, not just because you want something from him. It is high time women make the right choices and fight.

It is high time people desist from the habit of associating marriage with only the worst things that could happen to those who get into that institution.

Women should look at what really complicates marriage and try to correct one or two things before declaring it the biggest mistake one could make in life.

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