love bites

Mark your territory at the right spot

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ITa��S obvious that a pregnant woman would have had unprotected sex and when you see someone with a love bruise; it becomes an open secret that she or he was romping with someone.

Love bites are one of the ways of marking a territory!

A love bite is a sexual mark and lovebirds should agree on the spot where to put it because ita��s one thing which attracts attention and makes people talk about you.

Just imagine on a Monday when you go to work with a love bite on your neck. What will be the reaction of your colleagues? They will definitely make a great deal out of that because it will be obvious that you had great sex during the weekend and the person was not having enough of you to the extent that he wanted to eat you alive.

Wondering what is a love bite? It is a kiss mark, a bruise caused by sucking or aggressively kissing another persona��s flesh. It is usually red in colour for the light- skinned or can be purple or dark-brown because of broken blood vessels beneath the skin.

A love bite is a mark of passion and often done in the heat of the moment.

Some a�?a�?jealousa��a�� people use a love bite as a way of marking their territory and they make sure that their partners have it at a point where everyone sees it.

Of course there is nothing wrong with putting a love bite on your partnera��s body, but first discuss the issue with him or her. One of the readers of this column told me that she parted ways with her boyfriend of two years because she had ordered him not to mark her with a love bite. She says the boyfriend never understood and started accusing her of having many boyfriends.

I know there are a number of people who have had problems with their partners because of the issue of love bites.

People have to understand that it takes a lot of confidence to move around with a love bite. It is something which will make people look at you and only God knows what will come to their minds, but the obvious one being that you are a sex maniac!

Couples have to discuss the issue of love bites because it needs strong characters. It does not mean that when your partner refuses to take a love bite, she is playing games behind your back, but there is more to it. It takes a great deal of confidence!

Some people do not want to be seen with a love bite because it embarrasses them or it could be because of the nature of their jobs. It is important to consider your partnera��s feelings on the issue of love bites.

I know there are some sisters who wish to become sexy and one day put the mark on their partners, but do not know how to go about it. Even if it is called a love bite, you do not bite your partner.

You must know that you just do not grab your partner and go for a love bite, but you have to take it nice and slow.

First, you have to spend some time on lip locking arousing each othera��s feelings. If you just jump to the love bite, your partner will feel the pain, but when done during the right time, it works as a spark.

To be successful in putting the mark in a sexy manner, you have to start with light kisses moving to the targeted spot.

Then you start kissing harder and while your partner is enjoying the kisses, you put the love bite. Remember that though you have to suck hard and break the capillaries just beneath the skin, do not be too hard and cause pain for your partner. Suck him for 20-30 seconds making sure that your teeth are not digging painfully into your partnera��s skin.

You must also know that love bites work best on delicate skin and that is the reason why they are usually found on the neck and inner thigh.

Sensual biting can be a very pleasurable experience for men and ita��s something most of them yearn for. Rest assured, biting is a natural instinct that arouses almost everyone within a twinkle of an eye. If done the right way, your partner will definitely melt in your mouth.

Till next week.

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