Manhood failure hubby assaults wife

Midlands Correspondent
A sexually starved Gweru man allegedly assaulted his wife following his manhood’s failure to rise to the occasion.

Edias Nyawu, after being disappointed by his manhood, reportedly accused his wife of cheating on him.

Nyawu blamed his wife Linda Sibanda for everything saying her boyfriend had used juju to lock his manhood.

He thoroughly bashed Sibanda. Midlands police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the incident which occurred on 11 January.

“Linda Sibanda was brutally attacked by her husband Edias Nyawu(25) of Mkoba Village 2 who was accusing her of cheating and depriving him of his conjugal rights as his manhood never responded each time he wanted to have sex with her,” said Goko.

The two had a misunderstanding and Nyawu hit his wife’s head once with an unknown object.

She sneaked out and sought refuge at her aunt’s house in Mkoba Village 4, but Nyawu followed her.

“Nyawu followed Sibanda to her aunt’s place where he thrashed her using a log, leaving her for dead.

Sibanda fell unconscious due to the attack and started bleeding profusely and was rushed to Gweru Provincial Hospital.

She sustained serious head injuries as a result of the attack and deep bruises all over the body,” he said. Sibanda is battling for her life at Gweru Provincial Hospital.

It is understood that Nyawu had on several occasions attempted to have sex with his wife but his manhood could not respond and he accused the woman of cheating on him with another man whom he also accused of using juju to lock his manhood so that he would not be able to have sex with her.

It is alleged that the two once parted ways early last year and had reconciled last month.

Insp Goko urged the public to engage in other ways of resolving issues instead of violence.