Man waylays, sodomises elderly man

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

AN elderly man who was sodomised by a man from his area has declared that the incident takes the cup for being the worst experience of his life.

The 54-year-old man was said to be on his way from the shops when Victor Ncube (33) attacked him forcibly, inserting his manhood into his behind, sodomising him five times.

The hapless man was left in agony screaming for help and later managed to limp to Magwegwe Police Station where he made a police report.

Ncube was arrested for aggravated indecent assault.

The court heard that the hair-raising incident happened on 5 August around 9pm at a bushy path between Magwegwe West and Magwegwe North.

The complainant had been at Magwegwe West shops relaxing and having beer with his friends when he decided to leave for home.

Little did he know that his life was in danger as there was someone following him.

When he got to a bushy area, Ncube then moved fast and caught up with him. As a man on a mission, to make sure he fell, he beat and slapped him on the face.

When the complainant was on the ground, Ncube forcibly removed his trousers and underpants before having anal sex with him five times.

After sexually satisfying himself, he disappeared into thin air, leaving the elderly man in anguish.

Fortunately he had identified Ncube and therefore made a police report leading to his arrest.

Appearing before Western Commonage magistrate Lungile Ncube, the accused was not asked to plead and was remanded in custody to 28 August.

The complainant was referred to hospital for medical examination and a medical report will be used as exhibit. femara no prescription canada pharmacy. buy voltaren usa. buy lotrel 10 20. buy sertraline no prescription. best over the counter ed medication.