Man beds whole village after shaking women’s hands

Gibson Mhaka
IT may sound so strange, but it’s a true tale of a Zaka man in Masvingo Province who is allegedly using juju to have sex with every woman he desires and the juju reportedly works after he greets or shakes the hand of the woman.

It is alleged that the juju man Vuramai Tsikira after greeting and shaking hands with his victims they subsequently follow him to the bush or his homestead to have sex with him.

Tsikira, from Chinouriri Village underw, left villagers dumb-founded when he revealed his magical sex exploits with scores of women from his area.

He confessed that the juju in the form of a “scent” was allegedly making women pester him for sex.

Narrating his incredible sex exploits before chief Ndanga (pictured above) where he had been dragged after he was caught having sex with a married woman Tsikira said he had lost count of the number of women and girls he had allegedly slept with.

Tsikira said unlike mubobobo where a man can use charms to perform a sexual act on an unsuspecting woman, his type of magic makes every woman he greets or shake hands with horny before following and begging him for sex.

He confessed that he had slept with almost every woman in the area giving details that his juju makes his victims pester him for sex just like a “dog follows its master”.

Speaking to B-Metro Chief Ndanga confirmed the shocking incident saying his subjects were struggling to come to terms with Tsikira’s startling confession that he was allegedly using juju to sleep with a host of women and girls from the area.

He said his plea of guilty came after he was caught having sex with a married woman, Tariro Ruvhivhi, who he had allegedly used his juju on after he went to her homestead claiming he was looking for a spanner to fix a wheelbarrow.

“Seeing that her (Tariro Ruvhivhi) husband was not around Tsikira approached her claiming he was looking for a spanner to fix a wheelbarrow. It is alleged that when the unsuspecting Tariro greeted him by shaking his hands she started behaving strangely while begging Tsikira to have sex with her.

“Tsikira who knew his tricks proceeded to a nearby bush and Tariro immediately followed him while incessantly begging him for sex. The two were later caught in the act by neighbours. After they were caught Tariro later explained to neighbours what had happened. After her account a number of women and girls also opened up saying the same spell was used on them by Tsikira,” said Chief Ndanga.

He said through a petition by villagers Tsikira was referred to members of the Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (Zinatha) at Kyle House in Masvingo where he confessed that he was in possession of juju which he was allegedly using to have sex with every woman he desired.

Chief Ndanga further said as part of his ruling he sternly ordered Tsikira to be exorcised of the supernatural powers which he was using to sleep with women without their “formal” consent.