Man urges churches to visit Njelele shrine

Sesisa Gumede
A SELF-PROCLAIMED seerA� who claims he has the power to foresee a�?thingsa�? claims that he has been directed by the supreme powers to urge all churches to visit the Njelele shrine and pray for their people like what used to be done in the olden days.

Precious Sibanda, a member of the Zion Church claims that he had a vision on 17 June and in the vision he got a directive from the gods to tell all churches to go and pray at the Njelele shrine if they want peace and good health for the people of Zimbabwe.

a�?I heard a voice that told me to look to the south, and when I did I saw a huge mountain and the voice then went on to tell me that I had been chosen to spread the word that all churches should pick two male members and tell them to visit the Njelele shrine and pray for their people if they want Zimbabweans to prosper,a�? said Sibanda.

Njelele, situated in the outskirts of Bulawayo, is believed to have had an omniscient voice known as Ungwali, and the voice would miraculously come from the mountains. Sibanda also believed that the voice in his vision could have belonged to the same Ngwali.

Sibanda claims that this prompted him to seek counsel with his bishop. Upon relating his vision to Bishop Moyo, the bishop professed that he had had the same vision for the past seven years.

a�?The bishop told me he had had the same vision for the past seven years but because going to the Njelele shrine was against his beliefs, he had decided to ignore it and maybe that is the reason why the person who was sending the directive had decided to visit a different seer.

Sibanda then decided to visit the shrine and when he got there he related his vision to the keeper of the shrine who advised him to spread the word as the vision had instructed him too.

In his a�?a�?questa��a��, Sibanda claims he has been misunderstood by a lot of Christians who do not want to be associated with shrines like Njelele but this will not stop him from carrying on with his mission.

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