Man teams up with lover to harass mother-in-law

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

SHE realised she could not take it anymore as her daughter’s boyfriend developed a habit of insulting her whenever his girlfriend instructed him to.

Sibonokuhle Ncube (24) even had the guts to call her mother names saying she was a dog.

The two lovebirds forcibly moved to Ntombizodwa Ncube’s home without her consent and thereafter became a thorn in her flesh.

“My daughter once moved out and went to stay with her boyfriend for two years.

“She then returned home in the company of her boyfriend and they started staying at my house without my consent.

“She is very disrespectful and has gone to the extent of sending her boyfriend to insult me on her behalf, accusing me of not treating her well,” said Ncube.

She further revealed that the two lovers were so bad mannered that at one time she had a misunderstanding with her daughter and after locking them outside the house, they threw empty beer bottles on her walls.

“On 22 December, she told me that they were spending the night away, therefore I should not keep food for them.

“I did as instructed, but upon their return they started insulting me and when I got inside the house, they started throwing empty beer bottles on my walls.

“I cannot bear it anymore and I want them to vacate my house because they will end up assaulting me,” said the woman.

Sibonokuhle ignored the court summons.

Western Commonage magistrate Tancy Dube granted the order in her absence.