Man stabbed over girlfriend

Danisa Masuku
Some men do not like confrontation or else they will respond viciously.  

Langton Maphosa was to learn later when he quizzed Prince Sibanda why he was making moves on his girlfriend during a drinking spree in Bulawayo’s New Lobengula suburb.

With a bruised ego, after the accusations, Sibanda allegedly left the drinking spot only to return armed with a kitchen knife and approached Maphosa.

It is alleged Sibanda did not say a word but plunged the knife into Maphosa’s chest and he fell down. That was just the beginning, he then drove it with force into Maphosa’s back and left it stuck there.

Luckily Maphosa is still alive today and found the strength to talk to B-Metro.

“I made a mistake when I was dead drunk. I accused Prince of nagging my girlfriend. As a result an argument arose and he stabbed me twice with a kitchen knife,” he said, adding that he wanted to marry his girlfriend.

A source at the hospital said Sibanda was beaten and sustained a depressed skull and is receiving treatment at Mpilo Central Hospital.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Precious Simango confirmed the incident.

“I received a case of attempted murder which happened in New Lobengula where the complainant (Langton Maphosa) and the accused (Prince Sibanda) were drinking beer and an argument ensued resulting in Sibanda stabbing Maphosa with a kitchen knife. The accused has been arrested,” she said.