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Man sodomised after binge

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NEXT time he gets invited for free booze, he will think twice following the pain he is going through after another man forcibly had a�?sexa�? with him.

Such is the predicament of a Nkulumane man who woke up to the shock of his life finding Lovemore Ncube who had invited him for beer binge caressing his body.

The complainant (31) will live to regret the day he drank free beer bought by Ncube as he later paid in a way which he would live to remember for the rest of his life.

After going out with his brothera��s friend, he agreed to spend the night at his place not knowing what was in store for him only to wake up in the middle of the night to find Ncube busy caressing and playing with his manhood.

As a result of the sexual abuse, the complainanta��s manhood has excruciating pains. The shocked man swiftly reported the matter to the police leading to Ncubea��s arrest on indecent assault charges.

The court heard that on 7 July, Ncube and the complainant proceeded to a beer hall where they spent time drinking with the former paying all the expenses.

After having a great time, he then convinced the complainant to join him at his place as it was too late for them to part ways.

They then went together at his place and the complainant who had one too many immediately fell asleep.

He then woke up in the middle of the night and found himself naked, his trousers removed to knee level with Ncube on top of him busy playing with his manhood.

When he asked Ncube what he was doing he failed to explain and had to run for dear life, but it turned out during his sleep a lot happened following the pain he felt on his manhood. cialis guenstig. strattera mexico pharmacies.