rape case

Man sneaks into maida��s blankets, tries to rape her

Michael Magoronga
A Kwekwe man shocked all and sundry after he abandoned his wife to sneak into the domestic workera��s blankets nagging her for sex.

Edward Samu (29) could be running out of explanations to his wife after he abandoned her and sneaked into the sitting room and attempted to rape her maid after she turned down his sexual advances.

The matter came to light when the helper (17) filed an attempted rape case against Samu at Kwekwe Magistratesa�� Courts.

Kwekwe magistrate Mr Storey Rushambwa heard that on 25 June this year, Samu was sleeping in his bedroom with his wife whose name was not mentioned in court.

Around 10.30 pm, Samu went to the sitting room where their domestic worker was sleeping.

He begged her for sex but the teenager turned down his advances and he went back to his matrimonial bedroom to sleep.

But Samu could not sleep. At around 5am, he went back to the sitting room and sneaked into her blankets.

He got on top of her and covered himself with a blanket and forcibly fondled her breasts as he covered her mouth to stop her from screaming.

Samu was, however, overpowered as he attempted to force himself on the woman who escaped and reported the matter to Samua��s wife.

A police report was made leading to Samua��s arrest.

He was arraigned before the courts and remanded in custody to 31 August for sentencing.


  • God of War

    Very embarrassing indeed. This guy shamed his wife.

    • Chokwadi

      He attempted to rape a 17 year girl and your concern is ‘shaming his wife’

      • God of War

        It’s my opinion and i’m entitled to it. Don’t force me to think like you do.

        • Chokwadi

          The vulnerable victim is the 17 year old girl -who should be at school, not the mans wife, or brother, or mother or anyone ashamed of his behavior.

          Yes, you don’t think like me, nor can you, my thoughts are superior than yours, and most men actually, and so is my life much better than yours : a reflection of my thoughts.

          Refined thoughts. . .

          • God of War

            Hahahahaha, your life is better than mine? Shame, i wish you knew who i was and were i worked; then you would know that i live a very good life and i doubt you are as comfortable as i am. Anyway, iwewe you looked at the 17 year old and i looked at the wife. I do what i want and you do what you want.

          • Anonymous Mpofu

            My goodness get over yourself wena! superior my foot