Man parades manhood to teenage niece

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A 14-year-old girl from Maningdale suburb in Bulawayo stunned the police when she filed a report to the effect that she got an unbelievable surprise of manhood parade from her 45-year-old uncle whom she had accompanied to get vegetables.

She claimed that while in the house, her uncle turned villain when he fondled her breasts and caressed her thighs while asking her whether she was still a virgin or not.

In the process, he allegedly removed his pair of trousers exposing his manhood saying he wanted to teach her how to ride a bicycle.

After sighting her unclea��s sexual anaconda, the teenager reportedly screamed for help leading to her apparently worried uncle to leave her saying she was a�?verya�? stupid.

The seemingly disturbed girl went and reported the matter to her sister who advised her to report it to the police leading to the arrest of her uncle.

For his alleged weird actions he has since appeared before the court to answer charges of indecent assault.

Meanwhile, the State is yet to provide evidence that on 25 June at around 3 pm the girl (name withheld) was indecently assaulted by her uncle after her sister asked her to accompany him to his place of residence to collect vegetables.

It is reported that the accused asked for a cigarette from the complainant who told him to go and buy where he usually buys.

The accused allegedly laughed before he forcibly grabbed the girla��s neck and started fondling her breasts and caressing her thighs. In the process he was reportedly asking whether she was still a virgin or not.

In a bid to hoodwink the complainant supposedly into a sexual encounter, the accused reportedly said they were not related.

The accused later invited the complainant into his bedroom where he removed his pair of trousers exposing his manhood to the complainant saying he wanted to teach her how to a�?properlya�? ride a bicycle.

The accuseda��s unestablished motive was however, scuttled when the complainant screamed for help. The hard done accused later gave the complainant the vegetables before insulting her saying she was stupid.

For the offence the accused was not asked to plead by Bulawayo magistrate Sibongile Msipa when he was remanded out of custody to 13 August on $100 bail.