Man nabbed for poaching, dagga possession

Midlands Correspondent
A Gweru man was slapped with a fine of $600 for poaching and being in possession of dagga. The poacher, Nicholas Moyo (57) from Silone Village under Chief Sogwala, was arrested on 23 August by Amos Sibanda who is a security guard at South Shangani Safaris while on patrol in the company of a co-worker Allen Ngwenya.

The two stumbled upon a class one trap with a noose made of wire. Sibanda and Ngwenya then unset the trap and hid in the bush to monitor it.

Moyo then came back and reset the trap and was arrested and asked to produce a hunting licence or permit but he failed. Sibanda then went to Moyoa��s residence and searched where he discovered 85 grammes of dagga in a wardrobe.

Sibanda continued searching and he also foundA� duiker and kudu skins which Moyo admitted to had killed in June.

A further search lead to Sibanda finding a point 22 riffle, an FN riffle, one point 22 riffle round in Moyoa��s wardrobe.

Moyo pleaded guilty to the charges laid against him and was ordered by Gweru magistrate Florence Nago to pay a fine of $600 by 30 October 2014 and failure to that will result in imprisonment for 10 months. Helen Khoza prosecuted. pharmacy in costa rica.