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Man found with 200 twists of dagga: a�?…drug to ward off spiritsa��

Danisa Masuku
A MAN found with 200 twists of dagga escaped with a slap on the wrist after arguing that he used the weed to ward off evil spirits that have claimed the lives of some of his family members.

Mncedisi Tshuma (36) of Tinde village in Binga said he watched his 19-year-old son die due to sudden and mysterious seizures.

As a result of that attack, he was pushed to seek help from prophets and sangomas.

Ita��s reported that one sangoma told him to keep dagga and the spirits haunting his family would disappear.

In a bid to save his two remaining sons, he agreed to take the healera��s advice.

Police, however, received a tip-off that Tshuma was peddling dangerous drugs.

They tracked him down and found him at Lupane Business Centre in possession of 200 twists last month.

They took him to his brothera��s residence and found another 10 twists kept under the bed.

Appearing before Lupane resident magistrate, he pleaded not guilty.

a�?Your worship I am doing this out of desperation. My eldest son died due to seizures.A� After that two others were attacked by spirits. A sangoma told me it was an avenging spirit that is on a mission to finish off my family. He said I should get dagga to fend off the avenging spirits. Since then we have been living in peace,a�? he said.

He was slapped with a $50 fine as an alternative to serving a two months jail term. xs650chopper.

  • Alexander Dowding

    How exactly is dagga a “dangerous drug”? Mbanje is a healing plant that has been used by Southern African cultures for over a thousand years. The government must legalise this medicine. The rest of the world are moving in this direction so why not Zimbabwe too?