Man dumps wives for bearing girls

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
I’M not a man without a son!

Those could be the words of a Bulawayo man Justine Mukonde who dumped two wives in succession because they only gave him girls.

He accused his first wife Mary Bvumbura of “failing him” and being useless because she had given him three daughters.

When he left her he was angry to the point of not supporting his children.

Then he moved to another woman with the hope that she would give him the much needed son.

In the couple’s first attempt, they were graced with a daughter. Another NO, NO! for Mukonde who did not bother staying as he moved back to his original wife Bvumbura.

While back home his eyes kept roving for that woman who could give him a son and he had an affair.

At 55 he finally got the son.

But still, his first wife is hurt because she feels he does not consider her for the simple fact that he does not have a son with her.

“We have three children but he says it’s just as good as not having them because they are all girls.

“He accuses me of being useless because I failed to have boys,” she said.

This is augmented by that on his return home he didn’t bother taking up his patriarchal role.

“After being disappointed by the second woman, he returned home, but never paid rentals or helped in paying children’s school fees or whatever,” she said.

Mukonde refused to talk about his children, instead he accused his wife of wanting to get rid of him.

“She thinks I have a lot of girlfriends and she also wants to kick me out of the house,” he said.