Man dies during sex with married woman

Nhlalwenhle Ncube
IT was a show of shame when a married Ntabazinduna man was found dead in the matrimonial bed of another villager.

His adulterous girlfriend was then forced to guard the corpse the whole night as she feared alerting other villagers about what had transpired at her homestead.

However, she was left with no choice the following day except to let the cat out of the bag as she could not keep the corpse in her bedroom for long. The incident has since become the talk of the village.

“Mrs Mbele and Dlamini’s relationship had been unconfirmed rumours. Mr Mbele who works in Bulawayo got to hear about the news and we suspect he fenced his wife resulting in Dlamini’s death,” said a village source.

The source revealed events before the untimely death.

“Dlamini left his home pretending to be going to Bulawayo, but he proceeded to Mrs Mbele’s homestead where he spent a night. It seems he died during sex as he was found dead on the couple’s bed the following day.”

It is said Mrs Mbele told her neighbours about the incident in the morning and surprisingly Dlamini had died in her bedroom hut raising a lot of unanswered questions.

“The woman was asked how the married man had got to her bedroom and she claimed he had come in the morning asking her to charge his phone,” said the source.

It is suspected that the now deceased was a victim of ulunyoka as he had a swollen stomach.

“The matter was reported to police and Dlamini’s wife was told the sad news. Dlamini’s body was ferried to hospital for post-mortem.

“He was buried on Sunday at his homestead and surprisingly, Mrs Mbele didn’t attend the burial. Only her husband did,” said the source.

Efforts to get a comment from Matabeleland North acting police spokesperson Sergeant Namativai Mashona were fruitless as he was said to be on leave.

When Mrs Mbele, the woman at the centre of the storm, was contacted for comment, she refused to say anything pertaining to the matter.