Man caught red-handed, naked trying to rape niece

Gibson Mhaka
THERE was mayhem in Makokoba on Tuesday afternoon when angry residents stormed the house of an alleged rapist demanding to slice off his privates after he was found naked allegedly trying to force himself on his 11-year-old niece.

The victim, who was saved by alert neighbours when she screamed for help, is reportedly doing Grade Five at a local primary school.

The incident has reportedly left residents shaking their heads in disbelief as they try to understand why a married man attempted to force himself on a minor girl he was staying with.

Chaos reportedly reigned supreme when the alleged suspect, Thembelani Maseko, was paraded stark naked with stunned residents jostling to catch a glimpse of his dangling essentials which he was vainly trying to cover with his hands.

They were reportedly making rude gestures against him calling him a monster who deserved to have his manhood cut off.

It is reported that residents were so angry that they wanted to attack Maseko, a security guard with a local fastfood outlet, but he had the timely intervention of the police to thank for the day when they quickly arrived and took him to Mzilikazi Police Station for questioning.

According to a neighbour, Maseko came back from work around 2pm and proceeded to his house where he failed to control his feelings after he found his niece naked while changing her uniform.

a�?It was around 2pm when Maseko came home from work and proceeded to his bedroom where he found his niece who is doing Grade Five, changing her uniform. After sometime we heard the girl screaming for help and that is when someone rushed to their bedroom to see what was happening. Upon arrival he could not believe his eyes when he found Maseko with his pants down trying to grab the minor girl while muffling her screams.

a�?When asked what he was doing he threatened to hurt the guy before he made a retreat calling neighbours. Realising that more people had been alerted he continued making threats.

a�?When neighbours and other residents swiftly reacted they found Maseko and the crying victim still naked. He tried to put on his clothes but he was dragged outside the house thereby attracting the attention of residents who stormed his house wanting to mete out instant justice on him.

a�?They were making rude gestures saying he is a monster who deserve to have his manhood cut off. He was, however, rescued by the police who quickly arrived and took him to Mzilikazi Police Station,a�? said a neighbour who preferred anonymity.

Maseko is likely to appear in court facing charges of attempted rape.

When a B-Metro news crew visited Masekoa��s house on Wednesday afternoon, his wife only identified as NaJulia, who was reportedly shocked and deeply saddened by the incident, could not be located for comment.

A resident, Gogo MaNgwenya, who also witnessed the incident, described it as barbaric.

a�?This is barbaric. How can a married man like him be attracted to a minor girl whom he was staying with. He was lucky that people did not get their hands on him as we do not tolerate such heinous acts in our suburb. As a guardian I am very disturbed and Maseko needs a stiffer punishment,a�? she said.

Contacted for comment, police could neither confirm nor deny the incident by the time of going to print.

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