Man breaks womana��s leg for dancing with another man

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HELL hath no fury like a a�?useda�? and dumped man. An enraged man could not stand the look of his a�?finda�? of the night, dancing with another man and gave her a thorough hiding, breaking her leg in the process.
Peterson James allegedly attacked, in a fit of jealousy, Margaret Kachikira for dancing with David Nyamwenda.

For the offence, James was hauled before Gweru Magistarate Florence Nago facing assault charges. He was remanded out of custody on free bail to next week for further trial.

Magistrate Nago heard that on 23 June James and Kachikira were having a nice time at aA� bar in Mkoba 10. It is further stated that the two agreed that they would go and spend the night at Kachikiraa��s place.

Prosecuting, Pearson Muringani further alleged that after having one too many, courtesy of James who was full of anticipation, the two took to the dance floor.

All hell broke loose when the woman began dancing with Nyamwenda. The court heard that James grabbed Kachikira by the hand and dragged her towards the exit. When they got outside, James, it is further alleged, punched her in the face before forcibly pushing the complainant to the ground.

Kachikira broke her left leg when it got stuck in a nearby opening and was taken to Gweru General Hospital where she was plastered. The matter was reported to the police leading to the arrest of James.