Bekithemba Mloyi

Man ‘beds’ mystery hare for 17 years

Lisa Masuku
A man claims for 17 years, he had everyday sex with a beautiful woman that has come to be identified as a mysterious hare.

At the age of 27, Bekithemba Mloyi (ABOVE) from Mabheleni in Mbembesi will finally retire from daily ritual bestiality.

“It all started when I was in Grade Five, every time it became intimate with me, I would wake up feeling exhausted like someone who had been working all night,’’ Mloyi told B-Metro after tsikamutandas had dealt with his issue.

The hare-wife, according to revelations made by tsikamutandas during a cleansing ceremony was meant to be his lifetime partner.

It was assigned to him at a very tender age to make sure he does not marry.

The mysterious hare started being intimate with Bekithemba Mloyi when he was 10 years old.

The sex-crazed hare reportedly came to Mloyi as a beautiful woman seducing him until he gave in to its demands.

“Whenever it wanted to make love to me, it would come in the form of a beautiful irresistible woman, who I always saw myself living with as my wife in my parents’ house,” added Mloyi.

According to Mloyi, all the revelations by tsikamutandas were true.

“They also told me that my black hare wife was also causing me to sleep walk every time after having sex with it,” he said.

It made him a zombie.

“After sex I would become a zombie — doing what the woman instructed me to do,” he added.

The sex was tiring, so tiring that Mloyi dropped out of school to become a fulltime lover to this woman/hare creature. It made him sick.

“It has been the cause of my on and off illness. I had to drop out of school when I was in Grade Five, the very same year when it started torturing me. I spent most of that year bedridden, I could not walk or do anything so I had to stop going to school,” he said.

Acting village head, Bonginkosi Dywili confirmed the incident.

‘’As you heard from him confessing that he was mysteriously given a hare wife which has been making his life a living hell for a very long time, he is hopeful that things will change for the better now that the tsikamutandas have killed it,” said Dywili.