Clemence Smart

Man bashes wife’s lover

Hazel Marimbiza
A WITTY man from Bindura’s Chipadze Township thoroughly bashed his wife’s boyfriend after luring him to their matrimonial home through a Whatsapp message pretending to be his wife.

It is reported that Tabby Uttah, who is based in Namibia, got information about his wife Ashley Mpofana’s illicit affair with Clemence Smart (pictured above).

He dashed to their matrimonial home unannounced and ordered his wife to give him the phone before starting to chat with the ‘trespasser’ pretending to be his lover.

Little did Smart know that he was being trapped and after being promised a steamy romance he rushed to Mpofana’s place only to be welcomed by his rival who then meted instant justice on him.

“When Uttah got home, he took away his wife’s phone and found the lovey dovey message making it clear that she was indeed cheating on him.

“He started to chat with Smart as if he was Mpofana and invited him to come over to his house.

“When Smart arrived he got the shock of his life as he came face to face with his lover’s husband,” said a source.

Uttah immediately meted instant justice on Smart.

“He tried to run away, but the furious Uttah caught him before going too far. Uttah then tied him to a chair before continuing with his mission,” added the source.

Their squabble is reported to have drawn the attention of neighbours who then thronged Uttah’s home to get a proper view of the shamed boyfriend.

“People started taking pictures of Smart as he was tied to a chair and Uttah later called Smart’s wife, Pesanai Mukwaira and their unidentified pastor to come and witness the incident,” said the source.

The pastor is reported to have calmed the situation and Smart was set free.

When Smart and his wife were contacted for comment, they echoed the same sentiments blaming Mpofana for the incident.

Smart said: “I was in a relationship with Anna, but she never told me that she was a married woman. Although I love my wife I also loved her. I just feel bad about everything, but I’m now over it,” said Smart.

Mukwaira said Mpofana should have controlled herself.

“I don’t blame my husband. He is a man and all men are tempted by women each and every day. If he is the one who proposed love to her she should have declined. Now my husband was beaten all because of her,” said Mukwaira.

Efforts to get a comment from Uttah were fruitless as he reportedly returned to Namibia soon after kicking out his wife from their matrimonial home.

Mpofana’s phone was not reachable.