Man bashes ex-wife for reporting rape case

A Masvingo man stunned the court last week when he daringly threatened to kill his estranged wife for uncovering an alleged rape case involving his younger brother.
Munyaradzi Kufakunesu (34) of Mucheke was charged on his own plea of guilty when he appeared before Masvingo provincial magistrate Oliver Mudzongachiso last week facing charges of domestic violence charges.

He was convicted and fined $100 (or spend 30 days in prison) for the offence.
Mudzongachiso however, threatened to turn the charge from that of domestic violence to attempted murder after realising that the man was hostile in court.

a�?Your hostile nature will leave the court with no option but charge you with a serious offence of attempted murder. I wonder why you choose to be unrepentant and boast of having committed a crime. Besides you are referring the complainant as your wife yet you have divorced. You should feel ashamed of what you did to the complainant, she is no longer your wife and you do not have dominion over her anymore,a�? said Mudzongachiso.

During cross examination the complainant Plaxedes Chiteto (33) of the same location with whom Kufakunesu have an eight year-old daughter said the accused had threatened to kill her for reporting a rape case involving his younger brother.

Undeterred Kufakunesu said in response: a�?I will kill you and go to jail like what my friend did to his wife. You want to get to my neck. I beat you because of what you did,a�? he said to the surprise of the court gallery.

Agreed facts are that on 26 July at around 10.46 pm, Kufakunesu approached Chiteto who was walking along the street. Kufakunesu startedA� insulting her for reporting a case of rape which his younger brother Jacob (19) was alleged to have committed.

Kufakunesu went to tell Chiteto that she must withdraw the case which is scheduled to be heard in court on Friday.

The court heard that an argument arose resulting in Kufakunesu strangling the complainant on the neck, threatening to kill her if she refused to withdraw the charges.

Chiteto later managed to slip away from Kufakunesua��s grip and went home before making a police report the following morning leading to his arrest.

Chiteto did not sustain any injuries and was not medically examined. Tavonga Musina prosecuted. sertraline without prescription to usa.