Man bans wife from wearing panties

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HUBBY from hell!

A Bulawayo woman was left with no choice, but to expose her abusive husband who does not want her to have underwear as he always tears them saying they were bought by her boyfriends.

As if that is not enough torture, the husband also emotionally tortures his wife by constantly telling her that there are better women and proves his point by bringing girlfriends to their matrimonial home.

In a bid to get back her freedom, Patience Dube was left with no choice, but to drag her husband Talent Ncube to the courts.

a�?I am having problems with my husband who always insults me with vulgar language and cuts my panties saying I got them from my boyfriends.

a�?He sometimes tells me that there are better women outside worth to be his wife, not me and psychologically abuses me by bringing his girlfriends in my house,a�? said Dube.

She further revealed that her life was in danger as Ncube threatened to kill her if she continued staying with him.

a�?He threatens to kill me if I continue staying with him and I am afraid that one day she will tear my academic certificates as he says I am the type of woman who divorces her husband when they get employed,a�? she said.

It also came out that Ncube made sure not to be caught on the wrong side of the law as he tore medical reports which Dube obtained from Mpilo Hospital after beating her up.

a�?He once assaulted me and I was seriously injured. I had a medical report from Mpilo hospital, but he tore it and I failed to make a police report,a�? said Dube.

However, the matter was struck off the roll as the applicant never turned up.

The respondent dismissed the allegations saying the woman was lying and was after tarnishing his image. generic cialis proffesional comparision. low cost erectile dysfunction help mn. can i buy cialis without a prescription buying cialis in canada online. .