Man balks out of $3000 lobola arrangement for minor

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

DEAL gone wrong!

When the family discovered that he was sleeping with their child aged 15, they struck a deal not to report the matter to police as he agreed to marry the girl and was charged $3 000 for lobola.

At the time it appeared to be a fair deal, but six months later the son-in-law Gift Muduna shifted goal posts revealing that his love for the girl had dried up.

He chased the girl out of their rented home and his actions angered the girl’s parents.

They reported the matter to police and he was arrested on charges of having sexual intercourse with a minor.

It is reported that sometime in June 2018, the girl fell in love with Muduna (25). They then arranged that she sneaks out of the house so they spend a night together.

The plan went well and the two had sex on the night in question.

On the following day, when the girl returned to her home, she was in trouble as her father had noticed that she spent the night away.

She was ordered to return to where she had spent the night and thereafter her boyfriend without wasting time rented her a house.

Muduna then approached the girl’s parents and they charged him $3 000 for lobola. He managed to pay $800 and promised to pay the balance within a few months.

At the time, the girl’s family approved the marriage.

After some months, Muduna told the girl that he no longer loved her and he did not want to see her at his home.

The girl was left with no choice but to return to her home. When her father learnt of what had happened, he became angry that the man had tricked him.

He then reported the matter resulting in Muduna’s arrest.

The presiding magistrate Shepherd Mjanja slapped Muduna with a $400 fine (or six months imprisonment).