bloody axe

Man axes neighbour, attempts suicide

Danisa Masuku 

DON’T mess with me because it could be a life or death affair!

Sunday Nyasha Moyo (47) meant the above when he axed his neighbour Munyaradzi Chikakate (36) for allegedly having a sexual relationship with his daughter Rudo Moyo (20).

Moyo gathered courage to confront Chikakate at the latter’s homestead where the two men were part of a drinking company. As a result an argument ensued between the two men with Moyo barking that Chikakate was being disrespectful. But Chikakate maintained that it was not true.

Thereafter, things got nasty as Moyo took his axe and struck Chikakate rapidly on the head thrice and he fell unconscious. Moyo thought he had killed his neighbour and fled from the scene.

Luckily Chikakate regained consciousness and was rushed to a hospital where he is recuperating. Thinking he had done the worst, Moyo went to a nearby bush but was caught trying to hang himself from a tree and taken into police custody.

He has since appeared before Gokwe magistrate, Taurai Manwere, facing an attempted murder charge.

He was remanded out of custody to next week on Monday for commencement of trial.