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Make-up off day

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LET me start by apologising because today I have diverted from the usual a�?girla�? talk and decided to dwell on elections which have taken centre stage this week.

As has become the norm and usual chorus in the public sphere domain that a�?Your vote is your secret,a�? leta��s abide to that, but just give each other tips on how to look on Monday to avoid humiliation.

There is a message circulating on social media platforms which some people have dismissed to be a hoax, while it is not and ita��s the one on not being allowed to vote if one has got nail polish or artificial nails on the smallest left finger.

I know most women like their manicure so much, but please on Monday before proceeding to the polling station, make sure you have done the right thing. The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) has made it clear that women with nail polish or artificial nails on their left little finger will not be allowed to vote as this will distort the voting ink.

This yeara��s elections are different in many ways, it is not only about having 23 presidential contestants of which four are women. But there are new methods and dipping of fingers in inkwells becomes a thing of the past because it was messy and not in line with international standards.

This time around, marker pens will be used and this means the little finger will be marked with indelible ink.

If any person has nail polish or fake nails or both, they will be turned away as the cutex is said to distort the voting ink. After one has cast her vote, their little finger will be dipped into a red indelible ink as a mark to show that one has voted. This will be done to ensure people do not vote twice.

As women, leta��s heed the call because I know there is nothing as embarrassing as appearing dull and ignorant in front of many people.

A woman should always appear intelligent and organised. Just imagine a scenario after queuing for some time and you are turned away for such a thing. Worse, with people from your area, you are likely to be turned into a laughing stock for some time and it will definitely affect your happiness and self esteem.

The other thing is putting too much makeup on Election Day, giving polling agents difficult time in identifying you. It is really a turn-off to have someone looking at your picture and doubting if ita��s you and asking for a second or third opinion.

Makeup is good, but there are times when you just have to go for a light one or be natural. Having it off on a single day would not kill anyone, so sisters, to avoid such boring incidents do not over-do your makeup.

Election Day is one important day and you do not have to spoil your mood by failing to abide to simple instructions.

Not having cutex or artificial nails for a few hours will not kill you. I was shocked to hear someone threatening that she would rather not vote than to remove her natural tip. Remember there is more to life than just having your manicure, after all soon after voting you can go home and fix it.

I would not have done enough justice if I do not mention the issue of bathing before proceeding to the polling station. Of course it will be a holiday, but it does not mean you also take a break from bathing.

If you are a woman, never go to public places without bathing because your a�?scenta�? can be too much for other people, giving them a hard time. Always remember that cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Worse for those women who will be part of the a�?Pantiless Election Daya�?. It was agreed during a solidarity meeting which was attended by women from different political parties that on Election Day women should go and vote without wearing underwear so that they do not forget that they are women and should vote for women. So if you part of this, definitely you have to bath to have a nice scent coming from down there.

If you have bathed, you get to be confident as you will be feeling good. There is nothing as boring as being unsettled, wondering whether you got a bad scent, after going out without taking a bath. To avoid such unnecessary dilemma, you just have to brush your teeth, bath and get ready to face the world. No one wants to be next to a person with a bad breath!

Also remember to dress decently and avoid stealing the show at the polling station. You do not have to entertain people, giving them a topic to discuss while on queue following the way you will be dressed.

It is unfortunate that in the name of looking sexy, some women a�?abuse ita�? and as a woman you feel embarrassed on their behalf.

Always remember that there is a dress code for every event and on such a day dressing in a sexy decent manner is the way to go!
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