Mainline revives football in Plumtree

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FROM Madlambuzi to Thekwane, villagers around Plumtree are sure to blow vuvuzelas in support of a local team Mainline FC, the new boys in the Zifa southern region Division One league.

Only last year when two men mooted the idea of owning the football club, did naysayers quicken to spread word that the border town would never have a team that lasts.

A number of soccer fans were for long put off by failed team projects in the town. Once a team was formed, it folded in a huff or relocated to Bulawayo.

Scores of talented players were frustrated. Residents lost their passion for the game. Weekends were a bore.

This was the motivating factor for Mkhulunyelwa Nkomo and Jonathan Ndlovu when they committed to fund Mainline FC.

The entry of Mainline awakened a football culture that was almost forgotten.

Club owners have vowed to use Dingumuzi Stadium as the teama��s home ground. Those Sunday rituals of pomp and fanfare are back in Plumtree. Before match kick-off, the meat barbeques, pomp and fanfare are slowly being brought back in the small town.

a�?Mainline will awaken this town. Everyone will look forward to the weekend to watch their team play. This is a huge shift,a�? said Ndlovu.

When Mainline announced their plans to settle in the town, there was a sudden change of perception.

Ndlovu recalls that they never tired from their dream of helping Plumtree youths find life in football.

a�?When Mainline FC came into the limelight, few believed in the idea. I did not let negative views dampen my spirits, for my vision was beyond football. The idea was to serve the community and football was the closest project that came to the table.

a�?Plumtree town from long back has been home to many teams. Support for the game is huge here. We want as Mainline FC to rekindle that football culture. Here is a team that is set to change the face on sport in Plumtree. This is development,a�? said Nkomo who also runs Mainline Abattoir and butcheries in the border town.

Nkomo said by forming Mainline FC, they saw how football could be a unifying factor among communities hard hit by poverty and despair. package cialis viagra ambassador university. . pharmacy escrow refills ciprofloxacino 250 mg. .