Mai TT

Mai TT: Stop relying on people from Harare

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PUSH your hustle and stop being cry babies!

In a techno savvy world where some people become overnight celebrities when their acts go viral on the Internet, popular social media comedian Mai TT believes artistes, particularly those from Bulawayo, are failing to push their hustle adequately.

This leaves artistes quick to blame the mainstream media a�� radio stations and television channels a�� for failing to promote them.

Known for tackling social issues with a hint of sarcasm for good measure, Mai TT is making a name for herself on the local entertainment scene.

Armed with a camera or smartphone Mai TT cracks ribs while tackling social issues and has over a short period of time captivated her legion of fans on social media.

And the numbers keep growing as her popularity soars.

a�?I did it on my own, I pushed myself to the top and you can also do the same, stop relying on people from Harare to recognise you, do what you know best and use tools at your disposal,a�? said the female comedian while giving a�?a few industry lessonsa�? to Bulawayo artistes at a local club.

Radio remains a powerful medium to the growth of artistes but it is not the only channel available to aspiring entertainers a�� be it comedians, musicians and poets.

With the smartphone turning out to be the mana��s best friend, she believes the internet, if properly exploited can get the job done.

a�?With the rise of social media use it to your advantage; I used social media and it worked. The radio recognised me after I became popular on social media so you can also do that. Let them recognise you from your works,a�? she added.

A local upcoming musician Novuyo a�?Seagirla�? Dube also concurred: a�?As artistes we must not relax and wait for someone to do the job for us, we must work hard, get connected and make noise so we get recognised. We must use social media so as to reach millions of people from Zimbabwe and around the world.a�?

Sithandazile Dube also challenged poets to work hard to get recognition. a�?a�?Poets must work hard and not wait to be handed everything on a silver platter. They should keep on creating relevant content and talk about current things, be it politics, lifestyle or sport,a��a�� said the poet. cialis tutti i derivati.