Magaya to pay for damaged stadium. . . Kwekwe council denies getting $12 000 payment

Nyasha Majoni
The Walter Magaya-led Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries will refurbish the damaged pre-cast wall at Mbizo Stadium in Kwekwe which fell following crowd disturbances which claimed 11 lives at a crusade held in the Midlands mining town last year, an official has said.

Speaking in an interview, Kwekwe city council Director of Housing and Community Services Milton Dete revealed that the local municipality has been working hand-in-glove with officials from PHD Ministries to determine the cost of the damaged part of the recreational facility.

a�?Yes, the church (PHD Ministries) committed to foot the bill towards the refurbishment of the damaged part of the stadium. We are working with officials from the church to determine the total cost of the damages incurred at Mbizo Stadium. As the department responsible, we have already requested the director of works to help us with the bill of quantities and as soon as we are done with that, we will then forward the bill to PHD Ministries and hopefully, they will start work after all these logistics are done,a�? Dete said.

Dete also took a swipe at unsubstantiated claims that the council had received $12 000 for the holding of the crusade and said they only received a security deposit of $500 which is still in their coffers.

The church was charged $100 per day and if all had gone well as initially planned, PHD Ministries could have order paxil. parted ways with $300 plus the security deposit for their planned three-day crusade.

The security deposit, he said, will only be released after Magayaa��s PHD Ministries would have completed the refurbishments at the stadium.

a�?It is not true that we received $12 000. That information is misleading, slanderous and must be dismissed with the contempt it deserves,a�? he said.

  • Kelvin

    That’s being phillanthropic Magaya. In actual fact, it must be the council that pays