Tapfumanashe Rujeko and Lvovo Derango

Lvovo ropes in young Zimbo

Bruce Ndlovu A�
South African kwaito kingpin Lvovo Derango has collaborated with young Zimbabwean producer and musician, Tapfumanashe Rujeko, on an upcoming single called Zunza.

Produced at the famous Kalawa Jazzme Studios, the single does not have a release date yet, although Rujeko has been sharing snippets of the songs on his social media pages.

Having moved to South Africa in 2013, the youngA� musiciana��s four-song demo tape found the ears of Durban DJ Archie Majola who forwarded to Derango, leading to the twoa��s collaboration. According to Rujeko, a move to South Africa was always on the cards, as he felt that the environment south of the Limpopo suited him better.

a�?I would always say to my friends, a�?you know what, if I cross the border into South (Africa) and these guys hear my sound, they are going to love it and Ia��m going to work with these guys,a�? he said in an interview on Star FM.

Despite producing a potential smash hit dance track, Rujeko said that he would not be limiting himself to that genre.

a�?Basically Ia��m an all-rounder. Ia��m bad when it comes to record producing. I know how to write good songs and vocally Ia��ve my ways on the mic so I dona��t limit myself to one genre of music. I just get into what I feel is right,a�? he said.