Stoppered pink glass bulb with love potions and heart inside.

Love potions, ita��s witchcraft!

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LOVE is an art that once it has sprouted, it cana��t be uprooted and it is like an illness that cannot be prevented or cured.

If that is the case, then one wonders why many women are using charms and potions to try and win the hearts of their a�?loveda�? ones. The truth is that love does not depend on all these things and you have to love and be loved without the help of charms.

I wonder how it feels like when you watch your partner eat that food where you would have put dirt such as vaginal discharge, pigeon faeces and all those herbs. If you really love someone, you would definitely not feed him such!

What really drives someone to look for love potions, is it really true love or ita��s just done by witches? I believe that using supernatural means to control someonea��s emotions and actions is nothing but witchcraft.

It seems the practice is getting more and more normal and accepted in society as women are no longer shy to give each other tips on what love potions to use and which ones are more effective. Whatever the case, this is witchcraft!

I know someone is saying: a�?You have not had serious problems, sister. You will swallow your words one daya�?. Sorry for that, but why force someone to love you or to be totally under your control, missing your ideal partner who will make you the happiest woman?

You know love is like a whirlwind that sweeps one off their feet and people tend to complicate their own lives by trying to spruce it up with love potions. The good part is that love potions are not only meant for one to fall in love with you, but also to make someone fall out of love with you.

All that is caused by the fact that you wona��t be aware of your partnera��s weaknesses, but a few weeks later your eyes open up and you realise that you have fallen in love with a a�?bed hoppera�?. Instead of tackling the problem women make the mistake of going out of their way looking for love potions.

Sisters, you have to know that some love potions which were meant to lure and tame men may backfire soon after being administered and the man may end up packing his belongings and leaving.

There are instances where some have died, others have been turned into vegetables while others are said to have turned violent or mad, with devastating results.

Funny enough, I have heard women saying: a�?Have you taken your insurance?a�?

The guarantee that your honeymoon lasts forever. It isna��t love if it needs charms to exist!

The other mistake which can happen is that you would rush to use charms on the wrong person and on the following day you meet that

Heaven sent partner, then what do you do? You could find yourself in hot soup caged for life with a woman-eating monster.

The best thing is to do away with these things because they are of no help and I think most women are killed by the a�?dependencya�? syndrome.

You find that someone is in an abusive relationship and her partner sometimes beats her to a pulp, but just because when she thinks of parting ways with that person, the question which comes to her mind is: a�?Who will take care of me?a�?

She then stays in the relationship and instead of thinking about things she can do to become an independent woman, she desperately tries to hang onto him using the magic of a love potion.

If you are insecure in your relationship better identify the loopholes and do something about these loopholes.

Some people have gone mad following failure to follow instructions of the love potion. Seriously speaking, men have eaten a lot of nauseating things and just imagine your son being fed those things, how would you feel?

Ita��s surprising to note that some women choose to enslave themselves; the fact is that love is natural and if you were never meant to be with that person, it was never so, do not force things!

I know some sisters will argue saying if you have met the man of your dreams you should do anything to hold onto him, but the fact that you have to look for charms is evidence enough that he is not yours.

Of course no woman will administer love potions to her partner with the intention of harming him but only to save the relationship. The problem is that she may find herself in a more precarious position than she imagined. Love is an art that is learnt and does not depend on magic concoctions.

If you find that you have lost control of your man better be sweet, attentive, caring, and understanding and stop hunting for love potions which will expire one day.

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