Losing interest in the game?

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I have lost interest in sex since I engaged in sex as a means to get my nagging husband off my case.
The above sentiment has become a daily song for a number of women as they have lost interest in playing the adult game.

Sisters, if you are experiencing this, believe me you are not alone and this weeka��s column explains what will be going on. Hope you will find it helpful.

The first thing you have to understand is that losing interest in sex has no specific age, but it can happen to anyone regardless of age.

Any person can loseA� their sex drive! It is unfortunate that every persona��s dream is to enjoy lovemaking till their back stops functioning.

Anyway losing a sex drive is a normal thing which can happen to anyone and the good news is, the problem can be solved.

A disappearing sex drive is a common problem! Dona��t panic.

Women are most likely to be satisfied with their sex lives if they are physically and psychologically healthy and have a good relationship with their partner.

Although a host of changes in hormones, blood vessels, the brain, and vaginal area can affect a womana��s sexuality, relationship difficulties and poor physical or psychological well-being are the most common causes of sexual problems.

A normal woman should have that desire to have sex and also have sexual fantasies, images, and wishes.

She should be eager to reach the big O and release sexual tension, usually with contractions of the muscles in the genital area and reproductive organs.

A woman who never or rarely experiences an orgasm may still experience pleasure in sex and does not have a sexual problem unless this is bothersome to her.

Although desire, arousal, and orgasm describe the typical sexual response, the goal of sexual activity is satisfaction, which may or may not involve all aspects of the sexual response cycle which is desire, arousal and orgasm.

A number of risk factors that may contribute to sexual problems in women include breast feeding and vaginal pain.

A womana��s sense of personal well-being is important for sexual interest and activity.

A woman who does not feel her best physically or emotionally may experience a decrease in sexual interest or response. She loses it all!

An emotionally healthy relationship with current and past sexual partners is the most important factor in sexual satisfaction. Stress or conflict between a woman and her partner, and current or past emotional, physical, or sexual abuse often influences a womana��s sexual desire and response. Also, even good relationships can become less exciting sexually over time.

After childbirth, physical recovery and breastfeeding, as well as fatigue and the demands of parenting, often decrease sexual desire. Low oestrogen levels after delivery and local injury to the genital area at delivery may result in pain with sexual activity. In most cases, these issues improve with time.

Menopause is another factor that may affect a womana��s sex drive. After menopause, oestrogen levels decline dramatically. This may lead to changes in a womana��s libido and ability to become aroused. Hot flashes, night sweats, sleep disruption, and fatigue also may contribute to sexual problems.

In addition, some women experience vaginal narrowing, dryness, and a decrease in elasticity of the vagina after menopause, especially if intercourse is infrequent, this can lead to discomfort or pain during sex.

Women who have vaginal or pelvic pain often have difficulty with sexual activity. Pain may lead to fear of further pain during sex and can diminish lubrication and cause involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles, causing further pain.

Pain may be caused by endometriosis, prior surgeries, infection, or scar tissue. In postmenopausal women, a lack of estrogen often causes discomfort with intercourse

Get your sex drive back by managing stress and relationship issues. Conflict in a relationship and difficulties with communication also are a significant cause of decreased sexual desire and response for women.

Most couples have better sex while on vacation, demonstrating the importance of reducing stress and fatigue to improve sexual satisfaction. Couples who have more fun together outside of the bedroom typically have more fun in the bedroom, so establishing a regular a�?date nighta�? and increasing the frequency of special outings and vacations is an effective treatment for many sexual problems.

Treat vaginal dryness a�� Women with vaginal dryness or discomfort may benefit from using a long-acting non-hormonal vaginal moisturiser several times weekly. Lubricant use with intercourse also increases comfort and pleasure.

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