‘Locked’ man sexually starves wife for 10 years

Hazel Marimbiza
A woman from Cowdray Park suburb has decided to dump her husband of 33 years after being sexually starved for 10 years as the man was locked by one of his girlfriends.

Surprisingly, Themba Khumalo (64) wanted his wife Julia Moyo (65) to suffer for his sins as he did not want her to find new love.

He reportedly threatened to kill his wife if she dumped him for another man.

Therefore Khumalo stayed with a sexual dysfunctional man for 10 years, but now has find new love as she needs to be sexually satisfied.

“We used to sleep in the same bed with Khumalo, he would sleep on his stomach or face the other direction. We would quarrel if ever I touched him. I then quizzed him about his behaviour and that is when he opened up and told me that he could not sexually satisfy me as his girlfriend had locked his private parts,” said Moyo. Khumalo is reported to be suffering from erectile dysfunction because one of his unidentified girlfriends used juju on him so that he could never have sex with anyone else besides her.

Moyo added that Khumalo had vowed that he would never allow her to have sex with another man because they were now old enough to endure sexual urges.

“Khumalo said we could live without sex because we are old. Although I managed to stay 10 years without sex, I always had a hard time controlling myself. So right now I had no option, but to find someone who would quench my sexual desires because I am a human being and I have feelings. I do not want to end up raping my own son,” she said.

She revealed that she always had a hard time living with Khumalo because he was a promiscuous man, but now she could not bear living without sex.

“Khumalo has always mistreated me. He has never taken care of me. Right now we live in my sister’s house because he squanders all his money on his own. He used to steal the food that I bought and give his girlfriends. I always forgave him for his promiscuity, but now I just need to move on with my life,” she said.

Moyo’s decision to move on did not go well with Khumalo as he threatened to cut the two into pieces. Khumalo then went to report his wife to Councillor Collette Ndlovu.

“Khumalo said that his wife is disrespecting him as she is bringing another man in the house though he paid lobola for her. He said that he needs his wife to be disciplined because she has reduced him to a laughing stock in the neighbourhood,” said Councillor Ndlovu.

Cowdray Park resident’s representative Lindiwe Sibanda said she advised the couple to live separately because Khumalo’s threats could result in him killing Moyo or her lover.

“I fear that Khumalo could end up killing Moyo because he was once in court for assaulting her and was given a peace order so I told them not to live in the same house,” said Sibanda.

Khumalo was not reachable for a comment as he does not own a phone and no-one knows where he is currently living