Live and Fluid for TV

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AFTER shaking up the arts scene in Bulawayo last year, Live and Fluid is now looking for a crossover to TV with a pilot of the show already racking in the views on YouTube.

Live and Fluid is a brainchild of Andrew a�?Mr Kaya�? Kudita, who introduced the concept to the Bulawayo public last year and managed to draw good a audience with its mixture of stand-up comedy, music and spoken word poetry.

Despite the fact that the concept had seemingly took flight, showcasing at the National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, the concept went into a sudden sabbatical which Kudita says was due to their desire to find a way to make sure that the project was making money.

a�?The basic idea was to look for a way to monetise the project which is why we went the TV route.A� We felt that this would be the best way for us to actually make money for the show which in turn would guarantee its longevity,a�? said Kudita.

With the pilot already available on YouTube, Kudita said that it had gone a long way in helping them fine tune the show into a product that would satisfy viewera��s tastes when it was finally available in its entirety.

a�?The pilot has helped us fine tune the content based on Google analytics information. We have demographic info that is very useful in making sure our content meets the viewersa�� expectation,a�? he said. imagenes de futbolistas con frases.