Lightning a�?senta�� to destroy stingy mana��s home

Siphilisiwe Mloyi
BE careful who you drink with and what you say to your drinking partners this festive season.

Thata��s this reportera��s two cents of advice after hearing of a story whereby a man from Mahungule village in Tsholotsho lost his homestead after it was reduced to ashes by lightning for allegedly refusing to buy beer for a fellow imbiber.

Sources said Major Moyo was drinking at Ngqoya shops when Aleck Nkomo, a fellow villager demanded beer from him.

Moyo reportedly refused to buy beer leading to an altercation, which witnessed Nkomo threatening Moyo with a lightning strike.

a�?Nkomo demanded to be bought beer by Moyo who refused citing that he didna��t bring a child to take care of at the bar,a�? said a source.

Naturally in those circumstances of carefree alcohol drinking and conversing, a fight between the two erupted.

Nkomo lost the fight and then threatened to strike Moyo with lightning on a sunny day.

The threat came to pass like a prophecy when a lightning bolt razed Moyoa��s homestead.

a�?I had taken the fight as just another beer brawl but I was surprised last week when my homestead was reduced to ashes. It was in the evening and we were all in the kitchen. Suddenly, clouds gathered and it became too dark. We were caught unaware. A kind of force I have never experienced,a�? he said.

Moyo added that when they realised that lightning had struck, flames had engulfed their four roomed house destroying the entire property.

a�?We only realised the inferno when the roof had already collapsed. All the property was destroyed including phones and documents,a�? he said.

Nkomo, however, denied the allegations saying that he was not responsible.

a�?I am aware that Moyoa��s home was struck by lightning but I have nothing to do with that,a�? he said.

Moyoa��s 12-member family is now stranded as they are forced to share a small thatched kitchen hut.