Leta��s talk about masturbation

UPBEAT WITH YOUTH With Danisa Masuku
IN this weeka��s topic, I decided to tackle a usually overlooked issue thatA� takes centre stage when one is growing up and seems to be the yardstick to prove whether one is a a�?real man or nota�?.
Speaking to Upbeat, Khulu Msimanga said almost every man masturbated at one point to check whether one was man enough or not. In this vein most youths seem to have taken cue as they are introduced to that by their peers.

There are some who watch pornography and at the end they imitate what they would have viewed on television.

At a recently held youth seminar attended by almost 200 youths at Masiye Camp, organisers gave the participants mobile numbers of facilitators so that they could ask any question that affects them via WhatsApp.

A 16-year-old boy sent a message via WhatsApp saying he was struggling to do away with masturbation. Apparently, this publication ran a story last year titled: a�?Woman masturbates boysa�?.

The woman who was at the centre of the strange act was arrested after she made eight naked boys stand in front of her before taking turns to masturbate them and shooting a video of the act.

The strange story forced Upbeat to unravel the topic of masturbation that seems, to be synonymous with youths.

Men have been said to use their hands to quench their sexual appetite. But ladies are said to use various devices.

Health practitioners say masturbation has serious consequences since it may cause impotence, if overdone.

Therefore, parents are advised to watch their children and guard against all possible factors which can tempt them to masturbate.

Following are some of the causes which stimulate young men to do this.

The main cause is bad company, where children hear and discuss sexual topics with their friends. In most cases psychologists say they tend to practise what they would have discussed. Since this act gives intense pleasure, they keep on doing it quite regularly without knowing the adverse effects of it. If this practice is overdone, it ruins the future matrimonial lives due to impotency.

Secondly, in most cases parents spend much of the time at work and children are left in the custody of house servants who incite young boys to play with their sexual organs. Thus, parents should try to spend most of their free time with their children and should not allow them to be with house servants for quite a long time.

Parents should also make it a point that their children do not watch pornography. Pornography is devastating and has far-reaching consequences, a teenager or youth who watches pornography is stimulated to masturbate or engage in actual sex before the right time.

Vimbai from Harare: I think parents should play their role in educating their children about sex. This will help them to be equipped when approaching matters of sex.

Anonymous from Gweru: Just imagine one starts to indulge at 18 when one reaches 25 one would have indulged with how many people.

Anesu from Gwanda: Todaya��s youths are exposed to pornography and have access to internet. They end up getting wrong information from such sources.

Themba from Byo: I liked your article on sex and I hope youths and parents will take a leaf out of it.

Rudo from Kwekwe: Parents and teachers need to play a major role as social agents as this will assist in lessening the problem of early indulgence in sex.

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