Leta��s be king makersa��

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By time of going to Press, the names of the young people and creatives trying their hand at politics who had successfully filed for nomination were not yet out.

Though apolitical as the family paper B-Metro is, I swear I would have gently nudged you towards who to vote for and why. Anyway, there is no harm in trying. I genuinely think the youth and creatives have the final say as to who gets what when it comes to the 2018 harmonised elections.

For many years, whether by design or default, we have been made to think we are just followers and more often than not we have resigned ourselves to spectators.

This year across the country, be it at party or independent level, we have seen many youths introducing themselves into politics.

The Nomination Court sat yesterday, all things equal we have creatives from the City who are asking for your vote. Its time we show people out there that the youth and the arts are a big constituency with the vision and ability to shape their own future.

For many years under whatever name the arts and sports are in, we have been introduced to many ministers who all come and start afresh.

They call for consultative meetings and then move on to another ministry and the cycle begins again under a new face.

This is the opportunity for the youth and creatives to choose people that will not only represent them at ward or constituency level but also nationally.

Ita��s sad that our politics has always been on party lines but for once there is hope that it will be about the vision for the person and possibly the ability to implement.

Back to people in leadership positions. I for one have interest in one day holding political office and developing our sports and arts from inside.

I have had first hand contact with unknowledgeable ministers and council officials who see art as just entertainment and sport as just a game.

Take for example the Zimbabwe Warriors just won Cosafa and had to drive all the way and even queue at the border. Like really?

The Mighty Warriors are never taken seriously; they even drove all the way from Zambia to find the team they were playing against already rested here in Zimbabwe.

Think of the many arts ambassadors flying the countrya��s flag high who are not even getting recognition.

Look at the number of embassies in the country which could help grow our sport and arts?

Campaigns should start soon, outside of my interest in politics, vote for people that will bring change to your communities, trade and even country.

Where you are in agreement amplify your voice, we are in charge of our destiny. To all the candidates, campaign peacefully, to the youth and creatives lets take charge.

Until next week, be safe . . .
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