Let us educate our children to stay away from skunk/ space cakes

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THE skunk cake or space cake as it is affectionately known because of the substances involved, when one opens themselves up to the use of this form of drug they are simply opening themselves up to total self-destruction.

This is because the indulgence leads one to poly drugging and quick tolerance, dependency and addiction. The worst part of it is one undergoes all the forms of withdrawal associated with the substances used in making the space/ skunk cakes.

Drugs can be either stimulants, depressants or hallucinogens and the withdrawal to the effect that drugs cause is different, as a stimulant the substance would want to make you hyper active, have your heart beating and your mind unrested.

When the substance is a depressant it makes the body wants to close in and rest and also the mind to be slowed down while on the other hand the hallucinogen will make one escape from reality and see scary things that are not there.

Taking the space cake or skunk means you are bringing in this reaction at once within your body and mind and this leads to confusion of the mind and also of the physical state of the body.

Part of you feels you want to get up and run and part of you wants to go into a deep slumber physically and also then with the mind confusion is imminent as the pace in which the mind relays pictures for remembering interchanges one is bound to fall into a deep dark pit of confusion and because of this most users have found themselves suffering from mental illnesses.

The making of these space cakes or skunk makes it a very dangerous drug to use because there is no proper measurement of the substances or chemicals used and also the chemical reaction to the usersa�� body is not put into consideration.

Most times the consumers are doing overdoses of these substances, as the dealers try and build up their customer base by putting higher doses so that the users get a quick high. It also becomes even worse if one has a specific chemical allergy or is also on other medicinal drugs.

Some users have exhibited an urgent rejection of the body system of these space or skunk cakes, through vomiting, running stomach, failure to breathe, and dizziness, confusion or total body shutdown.

Others have gotten into a state of hysteria, and mood swings having taken the space cake or total blankness not remembering who they are or where they are.

The bodya��s internal organs like lungs, the kidney, the liver and the heart suffer most as one consumes this form of drug. These space cakes are common now at all levels of our schools; let us educate our children to stay away from these cookies.

Join the Rechabites in creating drug free,A� healthy and productive communities.

Mthandazo Ndlovu is a drug prevention and rehabilitation specialist.
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