Let it go Part 2

Prayer . . . Beloved Father in the Name of Your Son Jesus Christ, whoever is reading this article Lord, may you grant them peace and freedom, liberate your people from past memories, give them a heart to forgive so they can face a new eve of life, In Jesus Mighty Name . . . amen.

After last weeka��s article I received more than 200 comments. Most of them were talking about their difficulties in forgiving. Allow me to continue my teaching with much focus on releasing somebody you have been keeping in your heart for long. Leta��s all read Matthew 18:21-35. I have learned that forgiveness heals the one who is forgiving. Couples are staying together but the other is failing to forgive the other partner. Instability in marriages, families and relationships is much brought by unforgiveness. People choose not to let it go. If you keep on holding to a trash that happened years ago, you are keeping your life at one stage. As hard as it is to forgive, I plead with you to find space in your heart to forgive. As a pastor, I have cast demons who took advantage of unforgiving heart and they entered people. An unforgiving heart is tormented by an unpeaceful mind, bitterness, stress, strained mind, loss of weight, blood pressure, heart problems etc.

I watched a movie called Women thou art loosed by Bishop TD Jakes, a lady who was raped at the age of 10 and was abused by her stepfather. She grew up with it and chose to be a prostitute and taking drugs. The day she entered the church to repent and forgive after counseling she saw her stepfather also on the altar, with much anger she shot him and he died. If you fail to deal with your past, it haunts you till you chose to die or kill the betrayer. I tell you the truth; if you forgive them God is willing to forgive you too. Dona��t chose to go to hell by not forgiving them

. . . LET IT GO today. Shake off the dust and rise up again. Imagine if ita��s your child who is holding what you are still holding. Your life has no peace till you forgive. The bible says there is no sin called small, whatever the case it might be. LET IT GO. I thank God that after last weeka��s article many families and marriages were restored. Ita��s not the time of keeping someone in your heart. Refuse to be in bondage of unforgiveness. Dona��t wait for them to say, a�?Forgive mea�?, even if you were not wrong just let it go. It doesna��t matter . . .

1. You were raped, impregnated infected with HIV AIDS, 2. You were dumped and divorced left with a broken pieced heart, 3. Your partner cheated on you, 4. You were not told about the whereabouts of your parent or child till now, 5. You were rejected by those you love most, abused from young age. You can say Pastor . . . 1. What I went through is hell on earth, 2. My life was completely destroyed I have no hope now in living, 3. My future was shattered. Let me say, ita��s because of pain that you feel and think that, Jeremiah 33:6 says, a�?Behold I will bring health and healing to you, I will heal you and reveal to you the abundance of peacea�?. In Jeremiah 30:17 it says, a�?For I will restore health to you and heal you of your woundsa�?. God is waiting for you to let go that which you cannot handle. The more you think about what happened you are connecting yourself to the pain and you are increasing the burden. Matthew 11:28 says, a�?Come to Me (Jesus Christ), all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I (Jesus Christ) will give you resta�?. The key to your success is in forgiving. LET IT GO.

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