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Let go of the past

Ever heard of people talking of the unsolvable X? Yes, they will be talking of their ex lovers whom they are failing to let go.

Do not torture yourself, learn to let go of the past and clear the way for better things to come your way.

I was really touched when one of the sisters phoned me last week narrating of finally finding happiness in her life.

This was after she had tortured herself thinking about her ex lover and checking on him regularly. Simply put, it had been self torture for years!

Sometime last year, I just advised her to delete the mana��s contacts from her phone and forget about him because there was more to life than waiting for an individual you once gave a chance and failed to utilise it.

Dona��t get me wrong solving problems is part of a progressive relationship, but bringing back an individual that once failed you can be the worst mistake.

Sisters, I know that there are a lot of women who are failing to let go of their ex-lovers and as a result their own lives are at a standstill while the so called Xs are progressing happily in life.

They say that trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never knew. The brain says time is up but your spirit is still enmeshed with the other person. When you are in love and physically intimate with another person, your mind, body and spirit are engaged. Your heart collaborates with your braina��s connecting chemicals to create a bond that feels unbreakable.

You have to accept the fate of life and it is usually difficult when one partner in a relationship loses the attachment to the relationship, while the other partner does not. Often, this happens silently, without any fanfare or obvious signs, and the partner who remains attached to the relationship doesna��t know what is happening. Then, one day and seemingly out of the blue, the partner who has detached from the relationship announces that he or she is leaving and that there is no possibility of further discussion with any possibility of salvaging things.

Most of the time women who find themselves in such scenarios are the ones who fail to let go.

Unfortunately when love is gone ita��s gone and you have to accept it.

It is okay to give yourself a set amount of time for your personal pity party and allow yourself to feel the heartbreak and cry it out!

This is suffering death of a dream. If you dona��t deal with your grief honestly, it will always pop up and haunt you.

If you realise that you failing to let go after crying and doing all in your powers, then you will have to cut off communication and close the door completely. Go into detox mode!

After a break-up, you have to let go of anger because anger can be a strong emotional tie to an ex. Anger keeps the ex in your awareness and that might delay detachment keeping you in pain

Above all, take time to have fun. Dona��t let your heart close. There is no such thing as a broken heart, only one thata��s opening wider. A heart in pain is simply feeling love and loss fully. A heart that remains open heals faster.

Think positive always and let go!

I have learn a lot from womana��s forum thank you so much keep on teaching us dear

Hie Nhlalwenhle.Thnx for your article on Love it the way it is in B-Metro.Thats true.It was quite-detailed and well-researched

I just read your article ita��s amazing girl, keep it up

I like your Womena��s Forum Column. You telling it like it is. You are a well of wisdom. Keep it up MaNcube.

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