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Ladies, slay your way to the bank

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Let me just say I have nothing against slay queens, the way they dress and act is quite admirable.

A woman who exhibits a certain level of class is quite attractive.

The term a�?slay queena�? was not meant to be a bad word but the evolution of language and societal values has made it look bad, maybe ita��s us women who have made it represent females who use men to live the high life.

The hash tag slay queen is quite a trend today with the wannabea��s trying to imitate the slayers but in reality the expensive labels and Moet champagnes you sip on in hotels will not put food on the table forever.

Many young women are caught up in this trend trying to live the life of celebrities such as Khanyi Mbau and Bonang Matheba when they come from nothing forgetting that Queen B and Mbau slay all the way to the bank, not just on pavements and hotels.

Whata��s the point of drinking expensive champagnes with the big guns when you will not be able to afford that glass five or ten years from now sisters?

But whichever life you choose to lead remember to slay your way to the bank, there is life after Instagram at the end of the day.

With recent jokes centering on the 2000 babies coming into the dating field and competition for blessers if I must say, this should be a rude awakening for the slay queens who have nothing to fall back on.

You wona��t have that gorgeous body or face forever, the competition is yet to get tougher for you so dona��t ever think that the Moet champagne will always be waiting for you as fresher blood is entering the field slowly but surely.

Think beyond the labels, ita��s good to dress well and sip on the finest but build a steady income while you are at it.

Plan your future, as boring as it may sound you will age and will definitely need something to fall back on just in case age catches up with you faster than you think.

Nothing is more satisfying than the sound of money, but I think the sight of your own bank account statement is more satisfying than the sight of all those Gucci or Christian Louboutin shoes.

I have often heard that most slay queens sleep on mattresses and dona��t even own a bed yet they sleep in expensive hotels or have managed to fly first class to different destinations worldwide. As glamorous as it sounds why are you not buying yourself a bed though?

It sounds harsh but ita��s the brutal truth, get that paper and upgrade yourself, dona��t take it as an insult to your lifestyle, it is simply an eye opener.

Some truths are necessary especially to us women, men make promises they fail to keep, we forget reality and most importantly we forget that we also have dreams to build.

While some women make it through perseverance and do not rely on men to get ahead, our life stories arena��t the same so if you are going to be a slay queen or even a call girl for the elite you are entitled to a life plan.

The Queen of Bling (Mbau) has a shoddy history with rich men but today she is a force to be reckoned with, so to the slay queen out there who has not seen the picture yet think outside the box, go big or go home.

Chase that paper and keep it, dona��t just dress the lifestyle, make that lifestyle your standard by creating opportunities for yourself and smiling all the way to the bank.

But Ia��m not saying sell yourself, Ia��m just saying life is not as simple as many think, be smart, be ambitious and be bold.

So ladies remember that while slaying for social media also slay your way to the bank!

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