Liberty Mabonga

a�?l did not assault her, I only pushed her to the grounda��

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A Gweru man employed by the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) as a vehicle inspection officer allegedly assaulted his wife following a dispute over mealie-meal.

Liberty Mabonga (39) of 1112 Woodlands Park, pleaded not guilty when he appeared before Gweru Magistrate Miss Mildred Matuvi charged with the assault of his wife Vongai Chikurumani (26).

In his defence, Mabonga told the court that he never assaulted his wife, but he only pushed her to the ground as he was furious.

a�?Your worship, l did not assault her. I only pushed her to the ground as l was very angry since she had provoked me. I admit that l failed to control my anger, but am not admitting that l assaulted her as she is claiming,a�? he said.

He was remanded out of custody to September 5, for trial.

Circumstances surrounding the matter are that on 11 August and at around 3 am, Chikurumani asked Mabonga why he had taken R200 and used it to buy mealie-meal.

She also asked her husband about love messages which she had stumbled upon on his phone.

The issue did not go down well with Mabonga and an argument ensued between the two.

The furious Mabonga went on to assault Chikurumani several times with bare hands. He also kicked her several times all over the body, before hitting her once on the right shoulder with a metal bar.

Chikurumani managed to run away from her vicious husband before proceeding to the police station where she reported the matter, leading to Mabongaa��s arrest.

Mr Daniel Tafuma represented the State.