Kumbota yearns for the stage

Bruce Ndlovu
Last year, one of Bulawayo’s most experienced and celebrated actors, Memory Kumbota, took a year-long hiatus from the stage.

It was the first time in 25 years that Kumbota had not appeared on stage in any capacity. A year after his decision to play a background role in the City of Kings’ theatre scene, the veteran actor is looking to make a return to the stage.

Kumbota said he was looking to take up stage roles again this year, as he missed the exhilaration of live performances.

“Acting is and always will be my first love. Throughout the year, even though I was involved in other ventures I missed the thrill of being on stage again,” he said.

Kumbota said that the decision to take a break from stage acting was deliberate, as he wanted the time to concentrate on other aspects of his career as a theatre practitioner. Kumbota spent the year as a teacher at Nhimbe Trust’s Children in Theatre and Television project while he was also the director for Raisedon Baya’s Without A Name and Addicted.

“It was a conscious decision on my part because I wanted to explore what I can do behind the scenes. Besides acting, teaching is my other passion which is what I am doing more of now.

For The Taking I had Elton Sibanda and Musa Sibanda while for Addicted I have Musa and Charmaine all who were high school students when we started but are now at tertiary level,” he said.

Besides his desire to return to the stage this year, Kumbota also disclosed that he was working on a 13-part TV sitcom alongside Matesu Dube.