rape case

Kombi driver in trouble over sex with minor

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A KOMBI driver found himself in hot soup after his underage girlfrienda��s mother decided to report him to the police for bedding her daughter.

Charles Jeke had been bedding the 15-year-old teenager for a couple of months before her mother got suspicious and carried out an investigation.

He appeared at the Western Commonage magistrates court facing charges of having sexual intercourse with a minor.

a�?My daughter started coming home late sometime in December last year and sometimes she never came home at all. Whenever I questioned her on her whereabouts she would tell me that she had slept at a frienda��s house who is also our neighbour,a�? said the mother.

The teenagera��s mother later decided to drag her neighbour to the police to stop them from accommodating her daughter at night.

a�?I then decided to drag my daughter, my neighbours and their daughter to the police to stop them from accommodating her at night leading to me discovering that she was not sleeping there but at Jekea��s home, leading to his arrest,a�? she continued.

The teen, however, told the court that she had not been raped as per her mothera��s claims but had engaged in consensual sex with Jeke.

a�?I know Ras (Jeke) and he is my boyfriend, sometime in March I boarded his kombi after school. We proceeded to drop off all the passengers, we headed for his place of residence and had sex using protection. Recently we also had sex at his frienda��s place but we did not use protection. That is all I can say,a�? said the teen.

Presiding magistrate Lungile Ncube postponed the matter to 4 June 2018. buy viagra tablets no script viagra for men sales in canada. .