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Know your mana��s off button

Nhlalwenhle Ncube

THEY need it anytime, any minute and they will never turn down any chance!

If you are one of the women who believe this statement, think again as men also have got turn-offs.

There are certain turn off buttons which if you mistakenly press, the adult game will not be completed as Mr Tom will not rise to the occasion or will fall asleep unexpectedly.

Yes, just like that, as I hear many men whisper in work corridors Mr Tom seems to have a mind of his own. Up to now I am yet to understand what that even means.

Sisters, know your mana��s off button because we do not want you to go rushing to your friends claiming that your man has begun cheating on you or has been bewitched because his gun failed to shoot despite loading rounds of ammunition which is foreplay in this case.

Of course, we cannot ignore the issue of insecurities whereby a man has got his own fears of how good he can be.

These types of men can easily be identified by swiftly hiding their guns after the game, leaving you wondering if his crotch has diamonds! Anyway it does not stop with men being shy, it can extend to men being intimidated by women who at the end of day just press the off button.

Sisters, just imagine when you are ready and realise that your partner has sustained an injury and cannot continue with the game. It feels really bad! The solution is not to disrupt and know the right things to say. Be a game play sister, play along to his weakness and help him until he finds his libido stamina.

Do not praise another man on anything or worse talk about your ex boyfriend when you are about to have the pleasurable moment. The minute you mention another mana��s name, your partner may feel inferior and that can affect his ego. You know men and their ego, they can kill for it! Dona��t speak about something thata��s completely unrelated to sex during the game.

Besides sisters, who in her normal senses speaks about other men when you are with your man? Ita��s a complete turn-off.

A dead fish is also a turn-off. Imagine women who just sleep in bed and expect his man to do everything. She assumes penetration defines sex, and doesna��t do anything beyond parting her legs for him. Sometimes, she may even close her eyes or look away while hea��s grunting on top of her. Dona��t be that girl. As attractive and sexy as you may be, your partner still wants to feel like hea��s making love to you and not raping you.

A fun attitude in bed is sexy. But when a girl comes to bed with a book of rules and checklists, it can get pretty annoying for a guy very soon. Do you say things like a�?Please do not kiss me on the neck, do not touch my breasts and so on . . . You may have a few rules in your head, but voicing every rule or making it clear that he shouldna��t have great expectations from you will just kill his mood. No man likes a girl who slaps a guya��s hand in bed every now and then, or sits up. Ita��s a real put off!

Some women dona��t know how to handle a guya��s member and guys hate that. Dona��t treat a mana��s little guy like ita��s a toy. A mana��s balls and stick are very sensitive, and hurting it will hurt his ego too. Be gentle, and ask him if he likes what youa��re doing if youa��re confused at any point.

Lastly, if you decide to go for a blow job, at least sister if you are clueless visit Google or raise the topic among sisters if you are shy to ask just to get information on how they go about it.

Make the blow job an enjoyable process not a he-must-enjoy task. Dona��t be the sister who complains in the middle of the process and constantly spits, as this can be an incredible turn off and annoying to the recipient.

The other important aspect of the sex is mutual agreement. Sisters if you are that girl who likes having sex in your own way forgetting to include and consider the perspectives of the other partner, then you are slowly but spiralling into a sex void. Be considerate sisters thata��s what am trying to say to you, at least try to be!!!!

Sex should be exciting and fresh. And just when things start to get monotonous, you need to try something new to keep the sizzle on a high. Dominating a partner now and then can be good, but just dona��t try to control everything while having sex or youa��ll end up turning your guy off or making him feel like a robot with no feelings.

Sisters leta��s meet on next weeka��s offering while we ponder on what we have discussed above. If you have any issue that you want us to discuss dona��t hesitate leta��s chat and share experiences and comments on whatsapp 0712978471 till next time. tramadol mexican pharmacy.