Child Abuse

Knives out for a�?vampire moma��

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NOT many have the courage to talk about abusive mothers but when it comes to abused mothers society reacts fast.

However, a community initiative in Cowdray Park, Bulawayo raised concern about a mother who always took a bite of her childa��s flesh whenever she felt he was out of line.

Earning the moniker a�?Vampire Mothera�? she would sink her teeth on the poor boy leaving scars that the child showed to B-Metro.

A neighbour, Sibonginkosi Bhebhe, said she got worried about the child because he would lie about the source of his injuries all the time.

a�?At first he was refusing to say how he got the bites. I was worried so I tried to get it out of him by saying I would not tell his mother that he had told me. Thata��s when he opened up,a�? she said.

When playing with other children the boy would remove his shirt exposing his untreated fresh wounds.

a�?He shocked me when he said he got the bite wounds from his mother. He said each time he did anything wrong he got a bite. Imagine not a beating but a deep bite from his mothera��s teeth until he bled,a�? added Bhebhe.

The child also opened up to this reporter.

a�?For every wrong doing she bites me,a�? said the boy.

He added:
a�?She bites me so hard it hurts and if I cry she bites harder. Now I have learnt to be quite when she bites me so that she does not bite as hard. Mama takes off my clothes then bites me and each time ita��s a different spot,a�? he added.

He has permanent scares, bite marks which were countless and deep. Some wounds were fresh while others were dry. He said each time the sun came up he tried drying in the sun.

The mother who was identified by a neighbour as Kwanele Moyo told B Metro to leave her alone.

a�?What I do to my son does not concern you and next time I wona��t be gentle with the bites. I will cut off his hands so that he doesna��t steal again. You accuse me of abusing him yet if he grows to become a criminal the same neighbours will blame me,a�? she said.

Husband to Moyo is said to have left his family some years back and the neighbours had no idea why.

Childline Zimbabwea��s personnel Margoran Reggo said in any case of abuse, they urge neighbours or anyone with information on abuse matters to call then and explain that matter.

a�?We require the name of the child, their address and the parentsa�� or guardiana��s names. This information helps us to track down the family and provide counselling for them working hand in hand with our social workers,a�? she said. buy ventolin no prescription uk. order cialis brand online canada flomax prescription. brand viagra best price. .