Kickboxing, cardio, forearms


You will need a towel, bench, dumbbells and water for drinking during exercise.

Warm up first for seven to 10 minutes before you start your training. For your warm up you can lift your knees as high as you can for one minute as high and touch your toes, standing straight up to touch your shoulders then bend from the waist again and touch your toes, do this 15 times and match again on the spot.

THE LEFT HOOK PUNCH: Left leg forward, boxing stance. Transfer weight to front leg, arms forms a tight 90 degree angle, twist the whole upper body forward, rotating left foot, extend left arm to punch across the front of body, extend punch all the way through to the right side, keep right hand at the defence position. In that way you will be targeting the jaw, ribs (opponents right side) and nose.

THE FRONT KICK FORWARD LEG: One foot forward the other eight to 10 inches behind, feet about shoulder width transfer weight to the rear leg look at target lift knee to highest position.

Lean back slightly at the waist extend leg but do not hyperextend the knee. Strike with the ball of the foot, return foot to forward position. You will be targeting the shin, just below knee cap, groin, above waist.

THE ROUND HOUSE KICK: Right side facing target, feet apart transfer weight to the right leg, bend front leg.
Look at target to the right; lift left knee up and inward towards body. Begin turning towards target weight on front leg; unload the knee as turn is executed.

Lean slightly to the right at the waist, rotate right foot pointing toe away from kick, point left bended knee at target.

Extend left leg outward do not hyper extend the knee, lower right arm to the side for balance.

Strike with the ball of the foot and toes pointing down, place left foot down wider than shoulder width. Should be facing opposite, start from left side to target. You will be targeting side of knee cap if target side is facing you, side of thigh if target side is facing you, side of abdomen and above waist.

JOGGING ON THE SPOT: You will jog on the spot with your feet shoulder width apart on the balls of your feet for three minutes and two minutes jogging with your feet wider than shoulder width apart all in all it will be five minutes.

Then you can do the jumping jacks for one minute.

WRIST CURL (INSIDE FOREARMS): Sit on the edge of the bench and hold one dumbbell with each hand placed against your knees palms facing up you can move dumbbell up by curling your wrists and slowly lower back down after a short pause and your forearms pressed against your thighs throughout.

STAND STILL FOREARM: You can stand with your knees slightly bent and hold the dumbbells on each hand with the palms facing down. With your arms straight forward at shoulder width level knees slightly bent, hold the position for one minute without moving your body breathing in and out normally and hold the dumbbells very tight.

When you are done you can repeat from the top doing your kick boxing, jogging on spot, jumping jacks and do your forearms again. Repeat four times and do your down and you will be done with your workout.