Khuxxman, jack of all genres

Langalakhe Mabena
With a musical career spanning over a decade, local ambitious musician Khulekani a�?Khuxmana�? Bethule has proved to be a musical jack of all trades as the Amaloja hitmaker has released many albums under his name, all of them produced based under different genres.

The musician-cum-producer who rose to fame with his solo hit Afro-Kwaito album Ma Africa in 2001, has described himself as a creative being who does not belong to any type of music. In fact he says he is a musician not a specialist.

a�?I dona��t specialise on one genre, I am a musician therefore I use every creativity I possess to produce good music for the people,a�? said Khuxman.

Soon after touring the country with his first album, Khuxxman did a Kwaito project with Skhu of the Hamba nobani fame in 2004 which was not well received by his fans.

Due to the economic problems in Zimbabwe, Khuxxman went to South Africa where he met Splash Godfather Dan Tshanda who helped him produce his first Disco/Splash album in 2006 titled Leta��s Unite.

He also released another Splash offering in 2008 titled Liphindile Inyasaranda which had hits like Ingculaza featuring former Iyasa dancer Future.

After spending some time in Jozi crafting his skills, Khuxxman bounced back in Zimbabwe in 2012, this time around releasing a Tribal House album titled Vumelana�� Isangoma which became a popular hit across the country.

a�?Vumelana�� Isangoma is one of my biggest projects because with my creativity I managed to target a broader audience as the song was fused with an ancient Ndebele traditional song and an urban tribal instrumental produced by Virus the Cyrus.a�?

As if that was not enough, recently Khuxxman went back to his roots and released a Disco/Splash single titled Amaloja which is a celebrated song among people living in the Western suburbs as it preaches a gospel which relates to many of them.

Even though the song got him evicted from his rented house by his landlord early last month, Khuxxman is privileged to be nominated for Best Metro Urban Song at the first edition of the Skyz Metro FM Awards which are billed for 21 December at the Large City Hall.