Key of success

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Previously we featured a young lady based on the key of success. Still with the same motive of motivating young people to press towards realising their dreams.The following is a conversation I had with a young man who has through the power of God been able to realise some of his dreams.

Born and bread in the City of Kings on the streets of Nketa 6 is a young man named Sibusiso Bhebhe. He is born to Cuthbert and Jetrine Bhebhe in a family of seven children. He did his O and A-level studies at Gifford High School. He has hopes of making it to a brighter future and has already achieved his short-term goals.

Pastor: Since we are profiling you to buttress on the key of dreams, share with us your success story?

Sibusiso: Thank you! It started in Lower Six when I joined the Bulawayo Junior City Council as an aspiring junior treasurer and I was then voted in as the junior treasurer in 2007. In 2008 I started working with Childline on human trafficking as a volunteer. On finishing my A-level I worked for Zexco foundation as an office clerk. I then went to Bulawayo Poly to study purchasing and supply management and during that time I was working with the Junior Council as an alderman and however dropped out of college because of financial challenges. While in college I volunteered with the National Aids Council and then went on to volunteer with Restless Development in Zimnyama area in Mangwe. This saw the foundations of Dot Youth organisation then known as Bulawayo Youth Development Organisation.

Pastor: To what extent has your past experiences or background contributed to who you are today?

Sibusiso: In as much as the experiences are not rosy they laid the foundation of my start in development work. My challenges forced me to face the gate of my inspiration and gave me inspiration and experience in the field that I am in now. How you handle your past will determine whether you allow your past to stop your future.

Pastor: In your opinion, what is keeping young people from realising their dream?

Sibusiso: Young people have dreams and ideas but lack role mentors. However young people should invest in their dreams.

Pastor: Tell us a bit about Dot Youth the company who you are director of.

Sibusiso: Dot Youth is a youth-led development organisation founded by three men: Yemurai Nyoni, Fungai Makwarimba and myself. Its main objective is to create an enabling invironment for youth participation in development.

My beloved I trust you have been inspired to follow your dreams.

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God bless you!