Key of respect and love

IF you live without supernatural mentality you will be utterly limited. For the end of a thing is better than its beginning. Those with a patient spirit are better than the proud. Do not hasten in your spirit to be angry.
A quick-tempered man acts foolishly, but he who is slow to wrath has great understanding. Wisdom is good for it gives an inheritance and it is profitable to those who see the sun. Give much respect to wisdom. Many people say money is defence, but hear me, wisdom is the greatest defence. It is more excellent to gain wisdom because it gives life to those who have it. Whatever you love and respect will be attracted to your life, be it business, marriage, family, relationship. It is necessary to respect the anointing of your Pastor as it can produce results in all areas of your life.

The anointing flows guided by two principles 1. RANKS-anointing flows from higher level to low level. 2. NONE RESISTENT AREA – anointing flows to where it is less resisted. Jesus said, the Prophet has no honour in his own town, why, because people devalued his greatness judging by his background.

Love to respect the anointing. WHAT DO YOU LOVE? Love is a key to success. Love to be successful. In every life, let us practise love as it is the oil that ends friction. Where love is there is success. Why are you starting what you are not prepared to love? Love gives hope to hopeless circumstances. Do you love people who are ahead of you? In our society, if someone becomes successful, do we appreciate them? Witchcraft is high in areas where there is much pride than love. What you love and respect will come towards you. Dona��t lust for success, love success.

Respect the processes of success. It doesna��t take you to win Lotto to be successful, it takes wisdom. The person who invented the bulbs failed 99times, but he loved the process. Many quit as they go through hardships, hold on, you are metres away from the top. Love and respect will usher you into success. Your character determines your degree to love. Love is a gift hidden in you. They are people who are now successful because of love. Love promoted them to where they are today. There is someone who holds your key to success, whom you must show love to. You will never understand how people are destiny elevators until you give them love. Check where you are someone needs your love. Imagine if Ruth didna��t love Naomi, was she going to meet Boaz? It takes a heart full of love to enter your success. Dona��t withhold love, give it away. Not everyone needs you, but there is someone holding your key whom you are supposed to love. Jesus needed 12 disciples to fulfil His assignment successfully. Whom do you feel compassion for? Success is not having enough for you, but meeting the internal and external needs of others. You carry deliverance of someone in bondage. Whose captivity bothers you? Whose success stays in your mind? Love cast out selfishness. The success of others is wisdom to your success. Your assignment to love guarantees you of a better future. What you respect will walk towards you, and what you dona��t love will walk away from you.

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